Aug 20

‘n Man met ‘n ferm hand


Jy weet as ‘n man jou in die oë kyk en jou ‘n ferm handruk gee is hy oortuig hy het die waarheid in sy hart. Ds. Machiel Greyling van die Gemeente van Christus het Dinsdag met ons kom praat oor hemelse huise wat vir ons wag. Watter wondelike gedagte om te weet ons gaan nog huise nodig hê om in te bly.
Baie dankie dat jy so baie tyd by ons spandeer en vir Martin Greyling gereeld kom kuier. Ons waardeer dit.
Ons sien daarna uit om jou weer te sien.

Baie dankie
Tienke Bosher

past 2 past1

Jun 08

Golden Rush

Gold cannot be contaminated therefor it is pure. However, according to legend, in its powdered state it is said to possess powers of healing and spiritual nirvana.
It must be for this reason Moses gave the Israelites the golden calf in powdered form to drink.

These thoughts were rushing through my mind when visiting a fun filled event set in motion by Dehlia from WRCBT.

We were met with pictures of sheer delight as people rushed over this sandy ‘dune’ in colours of soft cream and gold. With its treasures of gold dust trapped in between the fine sand, this adrenaline rush took on a different meaning. Nestled on the periphery of Krugersdorp, this half removed mine dump is a monument to the foundations of this small town.
Daredevils with Jeeps, boogey boards, motorbikes reveled in its steadfast motion and many families with cameras crowded the enclosed space to record the action.
The eye candy boys dismounted the ‘dune’ in escapades of tumbles and cartwheels. They were absolutely fabulous and accommodating.

La Reynette Centre was there to fill the tummies with boerie rolls which were expertly braai’d by Allen Ridley from The Braai Code.

There is only one thing I have left to say: Lets do it again Dehlia!

Tienke Bosher

Mar 12

‘Liefde met musiek, geliefdes en happies gevier’

Die liefdesvlakke het vir ‘n dag by die La Reynette Bejaardesorgsentrum gestyg toe geliefdes die inwoners daar kom besoek het.

Met Februarie wat die maand van liefde is, is dit op ‘n anderste manier by die La Reynette Bejaardesorgsentrum gevier.

Omdat die plaaslike sanger Tersius ‘n liefde vir sang het en terselfdertyd daarvan hou om mense met sy unieke sangtalent te vermaak het hy besluit om aan dié wat nie so bevoorreg is om lewendige musiek optredes te kan bywoon nie, te bederf.

“Ek het deur familie van die bejaardesorgsentrum gehoor en het gevoel dat ek as ‘n sanger en ook as iemand wat daarvan hou om by my gemeenskap betrokke te raak, iets aan die mense in my gemeenskap te kan terug gee.”


Hy het toe Reinet Ridley, stigter van die bejaardesorgsentrum, genader en gevra of hulle daarin sou belangstel.

Sonder twyfel is daar aan die werk gespring. Uitnodiging kaartjies is aan die inwoners en hulle geliefdes gestuur, sodat geliefdes weer vir hierdie dag bymekaar kon wees en kosbare tyd kon verwyl.

En net om die hongerpyne te stil was daar verskeie soet en sout happies op die tafel uitgesit

Feb 25

Dag van Liefde met Tertius

Tertius tree gereeld op by Ridley’s at Auto Cradle Family Restaurant op die Krugersdorp Hekpoort pad.


Tertius is ‘n familie man met ‘n ‘joudel’ wat foutloos deur sy stembande gly. Dit was my hoogtepunt gister. Hiedie Duitse vorm van sang is wel bekend in die Switse Alpe maar ‘n rare verskynsels op Suid Afrikaanse bodem.


Verder is Tertius ‘n groot man en baie aantreklik en die dames (ons sal nou nie name noem nie) het baie liefde gewys. Selfs ‘n draadjie op die ‘dansbaan’ gemaak.


Tertius, jy mag maar sing en ons wens jou net die beste toe.


Nogmaals baie dankie vir jou geskenk aan ons oues van dae. Jy was voorwaar ‘n ‘treat’.


Julle kan Tertius kontak by 079 454 8881 of 072 968 9239 of stuur ‘n e-pos na


La Reynette Centre



Feb 24

Armand jou bielie, trots op jou

Armand jou bielie, trots op jou

Feb 24

Hirsch’s gives Coffee & Muffins to the elderly


1 New Century ave

Struben’s Valley


Dear Vani, Don & AK


Re: Hirsch’s gives Coffee & Muffins to the elderly


Vani and her team demonstrated their branded Coffee Machine Hirsch’s to a captive audience at La Reynette Centre today. Annette Brand, our angel resident nurse is a coffee slave and enjoyed two cups, the one stronger than the other.

All the staff watched carefully when Vani demonstrated the different settings the machine has.

The coffee aroma clad the living room with its distinctive rich body flavor. All had a cuppa, even the tea lovers were tempted to its luring spell.


Altogether it was a pleasant morning of information, laughs and refreshments.


Thank you so much Hirsch, we appreciate your time and effort.



La Reynette Centre staff & residents


Jan 20

Môreglans Ouetehuis maak verjaarsdag teken Coasters

Hierdie jaar het Sign Therapy afgeskop met hulle coaster vervaardigings terapie saam met die bejaardes van Môreglans ouetehuis. Ons wil graag vir Matrone vd Merwe groot dankie se dat matrone ons met oop arms ontvang het.


Ons vertrou dat almal die klas geniet het en weer sal kom. Die kinders het sommer ook saam met ouma pret gehad.

Ons beoog om elke 1ste Dinsdag van die maand teen 09h00 ons oues te vermaak met reklame kuns pret. Indien daar nog enige bejaardes is wat wil deel neem kan julle gerus vir matrone in kennis stel.


‘n Groot dankie aan La Reynette Centre vir hulle groot bydrae.


Tienke Bosher & Helen Aucamp

Jan 20

A warm Thank You to ABSA

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to ABSA for personally handing shoebox gifts to our patients to celebrate the year end festivities.

The frail elderly cannot go away on holiday and it is therefore our duty to bring the holidays to them.


Blackie Swart made the alarming remark that the government have stopped subsidies for some institutions and because of that they understand the need for facilities like La Reynette Centre to be nurtured and helped. The services La Reynette Centre offers are cardinal for the care of the next generation. ABSA pledged their continual financial and services support for the benefit of our patients. An offer we embrace with open arms as their decision secures future affordable frail care in the medical industry and job security for the Nursing & Care Giving fraternities


Blackie stressed the importance of the community taking hands and caring for all inside the boundaries of that community.


La Reynette Centre is thankful for Blackie Swart & Sanet Ferreira for taking the time and remembering the need to give. It is in giving we receive, it is in the handshake we make connections. It is in the smile the eyes receives the revival the soul needs. It is the spoken word that creates and opens the gates to enthusiasm for that which can be mastered. It is the message carrier of the breath that connects us to our Lord and Savior and our connectedness to each other.


We thank you and we are looking forward to the New Year 2015 because you took the time to see us and the work we do.


Thank You


Kind Regards

Tienke Bosher


Jan 20

Krugersdorp behaal top vyf in die jaarlikse SACCI kompetisie vir vroue

Op 22 Oktober het Reinetta Ridley, eienaar van La Reynette Centre opgewonde by ‘n glans geleentheid in Gallagher Estates vir haar naam geluister.  Die South African Chamber of Commerce en Industry se ‘Vroue in besigheid’ titel was weer beskikbaar en Reinetta het top vyf behaal.

Die wenner was toe Jenneth Prinsloo wat as prokureur geskool en bedryf talle besighede.

Reinetta wil graag haar man, al haar getroue personeel, pasiente en hul familie bedank vir hulle ondersteuning die afgelope agt jaar.


Hier is Reinetta Ridley saam met die wenner, Jenneth Prinsloo van Plantwise en Dehlia van Staden van WRCBT by die Gallagher Estate glans geleentheid.


Jan 15

Blackie Swart van ABSA bank offer sosiale steun aan La Reynette Centre vir die eerste kwartaal in 2015

ABSA 2014


Jan 14

Luchelle brings the Gospel in song

01 February 2012


Luchelle, the Gospel Nightingale


It was again our pleasure to hear the rich voice of Luchelle van Niekerk with the story of our Lord and Savior in her breath.

Armed with her children and her husband, Luchelle was yet again tender and loving and a blessing for the soul.

I strongly recommend this family for their musical aptitude and technical abilities. They are punctual and a joy to work with. Nothing is too much for them.

Luchelle’s personality is rich and laced with a brand of humility that cannot be duplicated. A lovely women of God, encouraging her children to use their throat  as an instrument of praise to the God of Creation, the God of the living.

May your path be strewn with graceful joy and miracles for the gift of the Lord LORD will bring you and your family to the gate of salvation, the path of everlasting love.


Thank You so much and be blessed.


Love La Reynette Centre


Jan 14

WRCBT Business Award

ach aw

101_1903 (2)

Oct 15

Dis heerlike lente,

‘n Baie groot dankie aan die ‘Magalies – ons gee om’ groep skoolkinders wat ons weer kom besoek het.  Hulle het belowe dat die 67 Mandela minute nie sal laat ophou nie en het daad by die woord gevoeg.

Die kinders het pragtige potplante wat die lente aankondig vir ons bejaardes gebring op lentedag en weer ‘n hele 67 minute saam met ons pasiente gespandeer.


Nogmaals baie dankie,


La Reynette Centre staff

Aug 07

Magalies se 67 minute hou net aan gee

Magalies se 67 minute hou net aan gee.

Juffrou Charlene Bekker het verlede jaar hierdie groepie kinders gedoop ‘Magalies – ons gee om’ van Hoërskool Bekker en hulle aangespoor om iets spesiaals vir Mandela dag te doen. Daarom wou hulle dit hierdie jaar herhaal. La Reynette Centre se inwoners was die gelukkige  instansie wat hierdie jaar besoek was. Met die smaaklikste kolwyntjies en die pragtigste plek houerjies het hulle met hulle glimlaggies ons oues van dae se dag opgehelder.

Dit was vir die kinders so spesiaal dat hulle elke maand 67  Mandela minute vir die bejaardes wil afstaan. Hulle beoog om ook kinderhuise te besoek.

Onder leiding van Lientjie de Lange en Veronica Ellis vertel hulle met passie dat ons kinders moet leer watse verantwoordelikhede vir hulle voorlê teenoor die samelewing.

Graag wil ons vir hulle baie dankie sê.

Onwetend was Michael Ellis se sagmoedige gebaar teenoor Maria Nel die laaste onverwagse bederf wat sy op hierdie aarde ontvang het. Maria is ‘n paar dae na die kinders se besoek oorlede.

Mr. Mandela se voorbeeld dwing ons om introspeksie te doen en ons medemens weer raak te sien.

Ek is baie bly ons woon in ‘n land waar mense die moed het om nog om te gee.

Tienke Bosher

Jul 14

Key West Braai Surprize



Klein mensie, groot gees.


La Reynette Centre was die ontvanger van ‘n groot geskenk toe Ciska Krugel en Allen Ridley die Braai kompetisie die naweek van die 14de Junie by Keywest Inkopie Sentrum gewen het.

Gekleed in die span naam The Braai Code het die twee opgewonde eerste hulle braai opgestel. Allen en Ciska se ‘Porkbelly’ sou tyd vat want die smul lekker stuk vleis moes eers, soos hulle dit Amerika noem, ge-BBQ word wat beteken dit word gerook. Dit vat tyd…

Die beoordelaars het reeds vroeg tussen die braaiers gewandel en was aangenaam verras met Allen se tuisgemaakte pynappelbier.

Ciska het die vuur aangestekk, tamaties gesny, die lekker bar one muffins se sousie geroer en heeltyd allerlei takies vir Allen gedoen. ‘n Behoorlike ‘right hand girl’.

Dit is die dat Allen haar as die regte braai buddy gekenmerk het.


Ciska en Allen het die deLuxe gasbraaier Alva Sphinx wat deur Game gesponser was aan La Reynette Centre geskenk. Ons het so pas ons nuwe LAPA ingewei en nou is ons bekroon met so ‘n finominale en gepasde skenking.


Baie dankie aan Key West winkel sentrum en die beoordelaars, Lions Rugby kaptein Warren Whitely & span maat Willie Brits.


‘n GROOT dankie aan Ciska en Allen vir hulle onbaatsugtige geskenk.


La Reynette Centre

Jun 16

Welkom NG Suiderlig Krugersdorp Wes.



Ons wil graag vir Ds. Gerhard Slabbert en Pastoor Mariet Prins van harte bedank dat hulle ingestem het om ons bejaardes te kom bedien met die Woord en liefdes gebare.

Met elektroniese media is die woord maklik beskikbaar met die druk van ‘n knoppie.

Daar is egter niks wat die woord van God so laat resoneer deur persoonlike kontak met die gesante van ons Hemelse Vader nie.

Ds. Gerhard en Pastoor Mariet se gewilligheid om in alle projekte wat die mens bevoordeel te ondersteun is die mooiste mooi vir my.

Ons verwelkom julle hier met ope arms en wees verseker dat ons elke gebaar raak sien en waardeer.

Ons bejaardes kyk uit na julle besoeke elke week.


Baie, baie dankie


Annette Brand

Jun 16

Vaarwel ouBee



Bee Louw Ouma Bee flowers

Vreugdevolle trane vir OuBee


en as jy daar kom

sê tog ek is lief vir Hom

…en as jy daar kom

sê tog net ek is lief vir Hom

en as jy die storie wil laat rym,

sê tog net  vir Hom Hy is myn…

ek sien jou tog nog elke dag

hier in my gees, lag jou kinders

nog steeds om ons heen

‘n Afdruk van jou…

Net soos jy is…


Vaar wel Ouma Bee

Ek kan jou nooit vergeet




May 22

n Donasie met styl

Brian Ridley van Sandwich Baron skenk vir La Reynette Centre ‘n produk wat lewens kan red


Ons wil net graag vir Brian bedank vir die Hartstart defribilator. Ons waardeer dit opreg.Brian Ridley

May 22

Mode parade met Hollywood Costumes


La Reynette Centre het ‘n tafel geborg vir leerlinge by Protearif Laerskool met hulle mammas vir ‘n pre-moedersdag bederf. Amber Welkin het haar vriendinne Mizandri Nagel, Charlize Coetzee, Tyra Minns en Monica Ridley uitgenooi.

Lizz Meiring het almal laat giggel met haar spontane kommentaar oor alles en nog wat. Die sangers was almal local kinders maar wonderlik. Krugersdorp is ‘n klein dorpie met groot talent.

Die mode parade was ‘to die for.’  Dit was asof die Hugenote pas op Suid Afrikaanse kus geland het met ‘n ondertoon van boere paraatheid.

Dehlia van Staden van West Rand Chamber & Tourism kan gerus haarself op die rug klop vir ‘n wonderlike aand. Die Golden Age Village langasem ‘grannies’ was ‘n besondere mooi gebaar en nee, ons het nie die Menorah gemis nie.


Baie dankie dat julle Krugersdorp nog op hulle tone hou.


Tienke Bosher

May 22

Vote for Armand du Plessis

Armand du Plessis is one of the 50 pre-elected Mr. SA contestants this year.

To ensure his spot in the finals please vote for him by SMS to 47439 and typing in mrsa 008.

Amber Welkin en Mizandri was spotted with Armand du Plessis.Amber Welkin and Mizandri was spotted with Armand at a Fashion Show held by Hollywood Costumes and hosted by Liz Meiring at Protearif Laerskool.

This table was sponsored by La Reynette Centre.

May 16

Community Police Forum women show their steel:


The Community Police Forum women prove that they are as competent as their counterpart men. It was not long ago the men fixed our shading nets. Now the CPF women Rinie Oosthuizen, Rina Marais and Samantha Pereira brought special gifts to all our patients for mother’s day. With winter cold brewing, a hand knitted bienie is always the right fit.

The home baked biscuits also went down like a charm. Thank you for the lengths you go to for the elderly.


Much appreciation

La Reynette Centre staff

Apr 29

Nuwe Lapa by La Reynette Centre

05 April 2014

Dit was vir ons aangenaam om ons nuwe LAPA in te kon wei. Bedankings strek ver; van die familie lede wat kaartjies gekoop het tot die skenkings vir die boerewors braai.


Spesiale dank aan:

–          Looitjie kopers: Tienie Oosthuizen, Marise Hucheson, Pastor Peter & Daphne Nel,  John & Deidre King, Mariaan Basson en Mien Craucamp, Dieter Gross, Corne Jooste, Beth & Willie de Lange, Hans Niemand, Ds. Dawie Bezuidenhout en Zelda van Zyl.


–          Henning Griesel van AVBOB vir hulle groot skenking vir die verversings.


–          Bryan van CASTSTONE wat die flagstones aan ons verskaf het vir die bevloering van die Lapa.


–          AFRICAN FRUIT vir die watertand lekker vrugte.


Die wenner looitjie vir die Snappy Chef Induction Stove het gegaan aan Beth & Willie de Lange wie se moeder en oom pasiente by ons vir meer as vyf jaar was, (altwee nou oorlede).


Veels geluk aan Beth, ons glo die Snappy Chef sal jou baie genot verskaf en terselfde tyd die elektriesetyds rekening verlaag.

Snappy Chef winner Beth de Lange



La Reynette Centre


Apr 29

Polisieforum takel Skadu Nette by La Reynette Sentrum

Die Polisieforum hou nie net skelms onder beheer nie maar hulle help ou tannies oor die straat ook. Vir ons het hierdie hulpvaardige houding beteken dat ons Skadu Net projek opgekikker was.

Die manne het ingekom, balke oor ge-installeer, behandel en geverf en die Skadu Nette is styf gespan. Hiervoor is ons baie dankbaar.


Kyk maar vir julle self na die ‘before’ en ‘after’ fotos.


Dankie ouens

Julle is bakgat!


Apr 29

Valentine’s Day 2014

I love you because you are in my world for a reason,

I love you because you take care of me,

I love you because you help me,

I love you because you always smile at me.


I love you because you need me,

I love you because your smiling eyes tell me Jesus lives,

I love you because you remind me of a mother, a father

No longer with me…


I love you the best I can today,

For tomorrow may never be,

I love you today knowing you love me too,

Forever to be locked in memories of life’s truest gift…



Tienke Bosher


Apr 16


2014-04-11 00:00
Die akteur Louw Venter besoek sy ouma Bee Louw by die La Reynette-sentrum in Krugersdorp. Heel regs is Annette Brand van die sentrum.
 Ouma Bee, Louw Venter en Annette Brand

Toe die akteur Louw Venter, ’n oudleerling van die Hoërskool Noordheuwel, onlangs sy ouma Bee Louw in die La Reynette-sentrum vir bejaardes in Krugersdorp besoek het, was dit duidelik hy maak altyd plek vir dié vrou, ’n druk akteursprogram ten spyt.

“Ai, en Oubee (soos die familie haar noem) is trots as jy in haar kamer instap,” het Venter oor sy ma se ma vertel. “Sy is al 95 en al meer as 25 jaar ’n weduwee. Sy het eers vir ses jaar by my ma gewoon, maar is nou baie verswak.”

Venter, deesdae ’n Kapenaar, was onlangs in Johannesburg vir die bemarking van die rolprentKonfettiwaarvan hy die draaiboek geskryf het en ook die rol van Lukas vertolk.

“Jitte, maar dit was op en af terwyl ek in Johannesburg was. Op een dag het ek en my medespelers 40 onderhoude vir die fliek gedoen.”

Maar voor dié onderhoude het hy eers met sy ouma gesels.

“Sy is ’n secret showbizzer op haar eie, hoor? Sy kan nog ou versies onthou en opsê en die verlede nog flink ophaal. My skedule is maar op en af, maar as ek tyd het, maak ek vir seker by Oubee ’n draai.”

Venter het naby haar in Krugersdorp grootgeword.

Tienke Bosher van die La Reynette-sentrum vertel oor Venter se besoek: “Louw Venter is nie verniet so geliefd as ’n akteur nie, want karakter is wat hy het. Dit vloei deur hom soos bloed deur die are.”

Volgens Bosher kon hulle nie genoeg kry nie.

“Louw is pragtig en dit is vir seker ons plesier om na sy ouma Bee te kyk. Ouma Bee is iemand met daardie spesiale gawe om jou tien voet lank te laat voel net omdat jy jou werk doen deur haar te versorg.”

.Venter is nou te sien in die televisiedrama Swartwater op SABC2.

Apr 14

Protearif Laerskool besoek Verswakte Sorgsentrum met marshmallow eiers.


Amber Welkin van Protearif Laerskool se oë het behoorlik geblink toe Juffrou Hesta du Plessis ‘n hele karton marshmallow paaseiers vir haar gegee het om by La Reynette Centre uit te deel.

Graag wil ons net vir hulle baie dankie sê dat hulle die kinders hierdeur leer om vir die gemeenskap om te gee en om ‘n gesindheid van vrygewigheid te kweek.

As ouer van ‘n Protearif leerling kan ek getuig daarvan dat die onderwysers en die hoof, Mr. Donna Lourens altyd bereid is om te help waar hulle kan.

Dit is vir ons ‘n groot eer om deel van julle skool te wees.


‘n Spesiaale groot dankie van al ons inwoners.


Baie dankie

Tienke Bosher

Apr 14

Liefde vir mense

As daar een mens is wat liefde uitstraal is dit Helen Aucamp. Helen het onlangs by La Reynette Centre aangeklop om ons pasiente se naels te versorg.

Ons kan net met lof praat oor haar. Sy is altyd vriendelik, opreg en stiptelik.

Teen R 100.00 vir beide versorging van die toon en vinger naels en met baie liefde en deernis daarby is Helen ‘n wonderlike ‘package deal.’ Skakel haar gerus op 079 583 5011 as julle wil hê sy moet julle ouers bedien.

Vir meer informasie skakel 011 953 4075.

Helen Aucamp

Apr 10

Unique skin bederfies vir ons Sorgsentrum


Ons wil net vir Phillip Perch van Unique Skin baie dankie sê vir sy wonderlike donasie.

Jou produk is absoluut fantasties. Ons gebruik dit graag.


Reinetta Ridley

Mar 23

Goeie Nuus vir Verswakte Sorg Sentrums

Annete Brand en Reinetta Ridley van La Reynette Centre ontvang die twee rigting radio van Martin Oosthuizen van Polisieringsforum KDP

Die Krugersdorpse Gemeenskaps-Polisiëringsforum staan saam met die gemeenskap om misdaad in ons omgewing te bekamp, sê Martin Oosthuizen van SEKTOR 3.

Reinetta het nog probeer om die forum finansiëel te vergoed vir hulle diensbaarheid aan La Reynette Centre. Martin was ferm en het verduidelik dat alle ouetehuise sonder betaling gediens word. Die diensbaarheid staan aan die kern van hulle onderhandelings en dien as hulle forum se Gemeenskaps Projek.

Graag wil ons julle bedank en hoop dat alle ander huise wat ou mense huisves, ook van die diens gebruik sal maak. Die twee rigting radio word geskenk en geen maandelikse onkostes word verhaal nie.

Na die voorval met die man wat hom ontbloot het, voel ons weer gerus dat hulp byderhand is.

Skakel gerus vir Piet Sparks by 072 517 1610 vir verdere navrae.

Mar 04

Thanks giving Celebration 2013


12 December 2013


This years Thanksgiving celebration was a very special day. Confronting the difficulties of hosting this family time celebration outdoors was well worth the gamble. Our patients had comfy seats, making sure they were happy spending time with their family whilst enjoying the Christmas program.


Knittex donated shading which was installed at a great pace by our faithful maintenance hand, Pascoal Maheme. We were thankful for the shade for it

was a hot day with scattered clouds bunching up from time to time, promising rain…

Our facilities families helped us with sponsors and gifts for the patients and the staff. La Reynette staff also pulled together and made delicious finger snacks.

We would like to thank the following people for their kind contributions: Dieter Gross, Marise Hucheson, Zelda van Zyl, Deidre and John King, Poppie & Gert Pottas, Margaret, Pastor Peter and Daphne, Sister Marthie Coomans, Annette Brand, Graham Ridley, VEK  Kerk Rant & Dal, Sandwich Baron (Brian and Trevor Ridley), Sune, Ciska and Amber Welkin.


Then there was the golden voice of Luchelle van Niekerk. Her team arrived early and did the sound set-up quickly and effectively. This couples ministry was seamless and caused many teary eyes.


Reinetta thanked our three VIP guests who made invaluable contributions to La Reynette Centre throughout the year:

Motlalentoa Motsoane, general manager of Netcare Hospital in Krugersdorp and Matron Hester Steyn was dearly thanked for medical product donations, surprise visits and environmental waste offset channels.

Amanda de Lange from the Vryheidsfront plus has been elected to Councilor for the Vryheidsfront seat during 2013 in Mogale. Amanda have campaigned the plight of La Reynette Centre’s licensing with optimistic expectation. Amanda confirmed her dedication to home La Reynette Centre in the New Year.


President Hyper placed the cherry on the cake with their contribution arriving later on that day. Shopping bags full of goodies were handed to staff and patients alike. From toiletries to headgear, water bottles and cellphone covers and much, much more. A real treat – thank you.


Thank you all

Tienke Bosher

Jan 30

Louw Venter besoek Verswakte Sorgsentrum


Ouma Bee, Louw Venter en Annette Brand Reinetta Ridley, Louw Venter & Tienke Bosher

Wanneer Louw Venter vir jou kyk kan jy die waarheid vlak in sy oë sien. ‘n Man wat diep insig in die mens het. Dieselfde insig wat ek in sy ma gevind het en wat in sy ouma, Bee Louw, ‘n pasient by La Reynette Centre van geweef is.

Louw Venter is nie verniet so geliefd as ‘n karakter akteur in flieks soos Semi-Soet  en The Last Tango nie want karakter is wat hy het. Dit vloei deur hom soos bloed deur die are.

Sy vinnige draai hier in Krugersdorp vanaf sy tuiste in die Kaap het ons almal laat smag na meer. Louw, jy is pragtig en wees verseker dit is ons plesier om agter jou ouma Bee te kyk. Ouma Bee het daardie spesiale gawe om jou tien voet lank te laat voel net omdat jy jou werk doen deur haar te versorg. Die seëninge vloei deur haar mond en mens voel hoe dit jou tref sonder ophou.


Julle is ‘n spesiale familie met ‘n moedertjie wat net nooit ophou gee nie. Dieselfde gawe is aan julle oorgedra en bruis deur julle woorde. Ons waardeer julle teenwoordigheid in ons lewens.


Louw Venter is ook nou  in die fliek confetti siene


Jan 21

Just a Stroke of Luck,

a  Stroke  of  Luck  and  Love,

Sometimes luck comes in a package that could not at the time be described as such. Craig Quirk was placed at La Reynette Centre by his brother Glen Quirk. Craig was a broken man, recovering from the devastating effects of an aneurism at forty three years of age. Craig was completely disoriented and when many of us would give up, the staff at La Reynette Centre showed tenacity for the life and health of this young man and it was a dance to be admired. Our neighbours also showed great patience being woken up with the sounds of unspeakables at four in the morning.


After what felt like forever Craig’s true nature started shining through. He entertained all and laughter was a familiar sight around him.


Craig’s financial burden weighed heavy on his brother’s shoulders but they never once complained. Their luck changed when Silver Star Casino agreed to pay for corrective surgery to Craig’s scull. This act of love was a result of the Christmas wish program on radio.


The operation was successful and Craig improved along with his particular flavor of humor. Although his sight was impaired and his speech somewhat slurred, his desire for home and wife and his four children started dominating his thoughts. However, whenever Craig was to be transferred to an occupational therapy home, he became more ill.


Glen QuirkWe devised a proposal to improve Craig’s motor-neuron activity by using the processes of sign manufacturing.

Maizey Logo New

Glen accepted the challenge and donated the money for a 1200mm wide Plotter. After many setbacks the plotter arrived and we started our journey with weeding and application. We were blessed with generous donations of vinyl

We are sorry Craig left us earlier than what we bargained for and the hole of his absence resonates deeply between the walls of La Reynette Centre.products by Maizey Plastics  for a plotter has no value without it.







A Big thank you to the Quirk boys and especially RE/MAX  Beyond  2000 for your kind gifts. We will make sure that this machine will benefit many who travel within the parameters of La Reynette Centre.

You are welcome to contact Glen Quirk  if you are looking to sell or buy your property on 011 955 2524


Much Love

Tienke Bosher

Dec 23

Hanger Magic Mode Parade


23 Desember 2013


Maria is ‘n mens wat gemaklik voete en al in ‘n mens se lewe inklim. Ek het haar leer ken omdat haar suster, Carol Viloen hier by La Reynette Centre ‘n inwoner is. Sy het die mooiste manier van altyd daar wees, altyd positief en altyd gewillig om te help.


Saterdagoggend het ‘n mooi belofte ingehou vir Carol en sy het op die punt van haar stoel gesit omdat vandag die saai van haar lewe sou opkikker. Mooi gemaak en aangetrek het ons altwee opgewonde na die modeparade wat Maria gereël het gery. Die wolke gepak met die belofte van reëns het dié opelug geleentheid net die regte temperatuur gehou.

Die opdrag om een basiese agt baan romps patroon te gebruik met presies dieselfde etniese lap, maar met eie interpretasie, het ‘n prentjie van eenheid tussen die studente geskilder terwyl hulle met groot gejuig hulle eie handewerk gemodelleer het.

Die moeilikheidsgraad om vir vol figure patrone te maak en te laat pas is met die volgende ‘free style’ rondte ten toon gestel en in die meeste gevalle bemeester. Dit is daarom waarom mens kan verstaan hoekom Maria met groot gejuig bejeen word en hoekom elke student gaande oor haar as persoon en as instruktrise is.

Die ‘show stopper’ was gemaak deur Pretty, terwyl die algehele wenner in beide katogorϊe, Selena Bodenstein, konstante presiesie werk gelewer het.

Teen R 110.00 per maand vir 4 klasse van twee ure lank, is hierdie naaldwerkskool bekostigbaar vir elkeen wat meer kleur aan hulle lewe wil gee.

Enige een wat graag ‘n donasie van materiaal, habedashery of naaldwerkmasjiene wil maak kan met graagte vir Maria skakel op 082 770 6918.

Maria wend graag alle skenkings aan om ‘n diens te lewer aan die mense wat dit waag om hulle eie lewens te wil verbeter.

Die skool herstel ook naaldwerkmasjiene.


Al die beste vir jou

Tienke Bosher

Nov 05

Chesa Nyama Braai-b-que team takes on America

Aug 12

Protie Feesdag met Potjie Pret

3 Augustus 2013


Protie Feesdag met Potjie Pret


ProteaRif Laerskool het by Hobby Park Noordheuwel ext. gaan makietie hou om geld in te samel vir die skool. Wat ‘n fees. Nostalgie is ‘n plek waar kinders uitgelate kan baljaar deur digte woude en vleie en wat dan uiteindelik by die dam uitkom wat snoesig in voorstedelik homself luilekker ontbloot. Die vissermanne het hulle katrolle geluidloos leeg gemaak oor die water. Die klank van visse wat verniet gespartel het om hulleself van die vislyne af te ruk, vul die lug met verwagting.

Die stilte is onderbreek deur sagte plof geluide wat deur die loop van ‘paintball’ gewere in die verte nog gehoor kon word. Gedempte gille van verbasing of pyn volg kort daarna.

Die fietsryers sny moeiteloos deur die oneindige kronkelpaaitjies met uitgelate laggies van tevredenheid.

Die hart van die fees is gevul met elke tipe stalletjie en die afslaer se stem verkoop elke iets wat ‘n ding is.

Dan kom die beoordelaars met boek in hand en die opgewondenheid raak tasbaar vir elke potjiekos deelnemer. Allen se potjie was smaaklik voorberei in seekos, skaapworsies en hoenderboudjies, gekomplimenteer deur vars watertand kruie bier brood en avokadopeer slaai. Afgerond met ‘n lunch bar sjokolade poeding gebak oor die vuur.

Alhoewel La Reynette Centre nie met die louere weggestap het nie, wil hulle ProteaRif Laerskool bedank vir die skitterende geleentheid. Ons hoop volgende jaar maak julle weer so. Dieselfde plek, dieselfde tyd… Proties, Proties altyd bo!!!

100_7928 Photo1212_001 Photo1213_001 Photo1215


Tienke Bosher

Aug 12

Hospice west

Well done Hospice West

Tienke Bosher from Krugersdorp writes:

05 July 2013

Be awake and strengthen those left over, whom are at the point of dying,it was with this scripture at mind I called Hospice.

I figured when it comes to dying, speaking to them would be the smart thing to do. I was informed of a course on communication, counselling and life skills starting in February this year.

La Reynette Centre’s management agreed to subsidize the course and allowed me to attend every Monday between 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Never having seen a corpse, I strengthened my senses when walking into the Hospice room where most students already picked their seats. I sat myself down on the last seat, closest to the door.

Good thing, I thought. At least I can make a quick escape when things get too strange.

It has been three months since that day and my life has decidedly changed. I thought I would find the dead but Hospice is all about the living. This course have the most intriguing truths locked up in its presentation and pulls one out of old habits and catapults the being to higher understanding. Understanding being the virtue of faith.

Hospice tutor, Barbara Crawford, is absolutely fabulous. Her warmth draws the emotion of the person from darkness to the light. Tisa elevated the mood with informed practical advice and hilarious comic relief.

I met the most amazing people in Helga, Yolanda, Ellen, Eve, Nomsa, Barry, Graham, Shirley, Jane, Elsie, and most refreshingly Thabiso. All of you made this journey just so much more colorful. I thank you all.

On our final day we were all required to bring something special with. I brought a poem that told of the passing of my mother last year. When it was my turn to speak, I found myself standing in front of the class, talking about the last day of my mothers life.

I felt comfortable and warm, yet I doubt that anybody remembered that I told the class right in the beginning that public speaking was my Archiles heel.

Well done Hospice West Gauteng, you are a truly remarkable people.

* Letter published unedited — Ed.



Jul 18

Die Madiba sekondes wat saak maak:

Die Krugersdorp Golf Club – Dames afdeling, het op Mandela dag oorwinning gesmaak op die golf baan en hulle oud Golfer pel, Davina McClymont (MS lyer) en ons ander bejaardes kom verras met allerhande lekkernye.

La Reynette Centre wil vir hulle baie dankie se vir hulle spesiale besoek.

100_7834 100_7828

Jul 18

Nelson Mandela Day – Tswelopele Nursing School



It is always the short moments that dictates the future…

Thabiso Makhene made this true for us just now,

A very capable tutor from Tswelopele Nursing School

Taking into action this very historic day.

Delivering with a very proud smile

His very well received gift,

Making a difference on Mandela day

A gift for the elderly…

A very big Thank You!


From: La Reynette Centre

May 14

Rene Mulder

Graag wil ons net vir Rene Mulder welkom se hier by La reynette Sentrum.

Rene het vir ‘n lang tyd deeltyds by ons gewerk maar sy is nou permanent.

Dit is vir ons kosbaar dat sy altyd so lekker kan titterweit met ons bejaardes.

Rene Mulder

May 03

Weaving with Mary and Jenny

IMAGE 1 of 2

The residents of the La Reynette Centre were recently taught the art of weaving.

08 August 2011 | Sammi-Jo Botha


On 27 July, Jenny Hugill and  Mary Binet taught the residents at the La Reynette Centre how to weave.

Tienke Bosher from the La Reynette Centre says, “It  took a little longer than previous craft workshops. Jenny Hugill made sure the cavalry was in place for this more complicated class.

“She armed herself with Mary Binet, a retired occupational therapist. Strong, lengthy arms are an asset when it comes to weaving, it seems.
“Without warning, arms were flying from all directions. I am pleased to announce that no serious injuries were reported.

“Jenny made her way to the women’s ward, where lovely Marie Gerhardt and Roberta Hofmeyer made their home. Jenny took the time to explain to Roberta the process of weaving a spectacle casing. They were both impressed with Jenny, and promised to join the activities at the next workshop.

“Nobody finished their weaving project, even though Jenny and Mary stayed until noon. Jenny will see us in a fortnight to conclude the process of creating by means of weaving.

“Jenny, as always  you were simply awesome. Thank you very much. Jenny is also a keen beekeeper, and can be found at Seronda Valley.”

May 03

Netcare surprises elderly with Easter bunnies


IMAGE 1 of 2

“The idea was to ensure our elderly residents at care centres that they are not forgotten.”

01 April 2013


Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital and Netcare 911 Krugersdorp celebrated Easter by handing out chocolate Easters bunnies to the elderly.

What was meant to be a normal relaxing day at an old age home, turned into an event filled with excitement for the residents of two local old age homes in Krugersdorp.

The elderly at the La Reynette Centre and Môreglans Old Age Home had a spectacular start to Easter this year.

Netcare Krugersdorp Executive Management and Netcare 911 Krugersdorp base spoiled them when they visited them on Thursday morning 14 March.

Hospital General Manager Motlalentoa Motsoane for Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital came up with the idea to hand out chocolate bunnies to every elderly resident at the two old age homes.

“The idea was to ensure our elderly residents of care centres that they are not forgotten,” he says.

This project turned out to be a huge success and most enjoyable. The management team of Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital, together with Netcare 911 staff managed to put a smile on the every elderly peoples faces through this gesture.

“Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital, Netcare Bell Street Hospital, Constantia Day Clinic, Protea Day Clinic and Netcare 911 West Rand bases will plan similar events throughout the year and for all other special days,” concludes Motsoane.

May 03

Rugbymanne ondersteun lupuslyers


Lupus gala ete was ‘n groot sukses.

02 December 2012


Pastoor Susan van der Walt van Krugersdorp het ‘n emosionele praatjie by die Welsynsgalaete “Diamonds in the Ruck” ter ondersteuning van lupus bewusmating by die Ellis Park Conference Centre op 24 November oor die kroniese siekte, lupus gehou.

“Vir my en Reinetta Ridley (stigter van die La Reynette Sentrum) was dit ‘n saak wat ons harte daar en dan laat bloei het omdat ons suster, Marie Venter, die aanslagt van hierdie siekte drie jaar gelede verloor het,” sê Tienke Bosher van die La Reynette Sentrum.

Marie se hiperaktiewe immuunstelsel het veroorsaak dat al haar organe deur haar eie liggaam aangeval en stelselmatig vernietig is.

Ten spyte daarvan het sy sterk gebly en twee lieflike seuns, Stefan en Tinus in die wêreld gebring.

“Lupus veroorsaak konstante pyn in die liggaam as gevolg van spierinflammasie, krampe, skade aan gewrigte, artritis, veluitslag, niersiektes, bloedstolling, perikarditis van die hart en pynlike longinflammasie,” sê Tienke.

Pastoor Susan het verder vertel van ‘n medisynemiddel, Benlysta, wat wonderlike verligting in haar lewe gebring het.

Volgens Tienke is hierdie medikasie nog nie in Suid-Afrika verkrygbaar nie.

“Tot op hede is daar 228 000 Suid-Afrikaners wat deur hierdie siekte aangetas word.

“Die eienaardigste van lupus is dat daar nie uiterlike simptome sigbaar is nie,” sê Tienke.

“Graag bedank ons die rugbymanne van die Goue Leeus wat hulle harte oopgemaak en hierdie saak ondersteun het, en die aand
bygewoon het.

“Die aand was wonderlik en dit te danke aan die bekwame organiseerders, heerlike geregte en ongelooflike optredes deur Nianell en Dozi,” sê Tienke.

La Reynette Sentrum doen ‘n beroep op mense om by te dra tot die onkostes om Benlysta geregistreer te kry en om dit makliker bekombaar te maak vir alle lupuslyers in Suid-Afrika.

Skakel die kantore van Eagles Flight Ministries by 011 660 5620 of 082 043 8396.

May 03

Former rugby star turns 100

Tienie Matthyser, a former Transvaal rugby player celebrates his 100th birthday with many former rugby stars.

14 September 2012 | Chemélle Barnard


Former Transvaal Rugby player, Tienie Matthyser turned 100 years old on 13 September and celebrated it with all who knows him.

Resident at La Reynette Centre in Krugersdorp, Tienie Matthyser is a big man with a deep voice.

The friendly and spontaneous  “oupa Tienie” touches the lives of all who knows him.

He often entertains with stories of his life as a diamond grinding, a flower farmer and former rugby player.

Tienie did not only play provincial rugby, but also coached it.

According to Toy Dannhauser, Tienie holds the title as the oldest living Transvaal rugby player.

Oupa Tienie’s care at La Reynette Centre is a highlight and honour to them.

“We are so glad Tienie is a part of our family here,” says Reynette Ridley of the Centre.

Tienie’s birthday celebration were left in the hands of  Hennie Fensham and Toy Dannhauser, who is a former Transvaal rugby captain.

These two men got into contact with many former rugby players from far and wide to come and celebrate with Tienie on the day.

Among them were  Piet Malan, Piet Botha, Martin Pelser, Fanie Kuhn, Wynand Claasen, Klippies Kritzener, Richard Prentice, Gerrie Germishuys, Swys Joubert, Tobias du Toit, Wim Hollander en Tommy du Plessis.

Tienie is also a family man, and was strict but always fair to his two daughters, Mien and Mariaan.

“It is a huge honour  to haveTienie  with us to celebrate his 100th birthday. Thank you for your warm and loving character,” ends Toy.

The La Reynette Centre also thanks their sponsors singer Lelane Lourens, guest of honour Kevin de Klerk and  the Golden Lions Rugby Union and all the local businesses who contributed to the day.



May 03

Billike beoordeling vir sorgsentrum

Billike beoordeling vir sorgsentrum

Die VF Plus neem die besware wat ontvang is en die regte van die inwoners in ag maar is van mening dat alle maatreëls deur die eienaars in plek gestel is om die besware te besweer.

11 May 2012


Die VF Plus is in die proses om die Mogale City Stadsraad en die Gauteng Departement vir Gesondheid te nader om op ‘n dringende basis duidelike redes te verskaf waarom die La Reynette sorgsentrum  nie geregistreer kan word nie.

“Die hantering van die registrasieproses van die sorgsentrum is totaal ontoereikend en onbevredigend”, sê Jaco Mulder, VF Plus lid van die Gauteng Wetgewer en inwoner van Krugersdorp.

Die sorgsentrum is tans in die nuus nadat die DA ‘n beroep gedoen het op die Gauteng Department van Gesondheid om die sentrum se sluiting te bekragtig sonder dat die DA LPW Hendrika Kruger die fasiliteit besoek het.

Die VF Plus neem die besware wat ontvang is en die regte van die inwoners in ag maar is van mening dat alle maatreëls deur die eienaars in plek gestel is om die besware te besweer.

Volgens Mulder maak die departemente hulself daaraan skuldig dat die vereiste reëls inkonsekwent toegepas word. Die sentrum beskik oor ‘n volledige stel dokumente wat kan bewys dat die eienaar van die sentrum,  Reinetta Ridley,  die bedoeling het om binne die vereiste reëlraamwerk ‘n diens aan die gemeenskap te lewer en dat die owerhede nie in staat is om die reëls konsekwent toe te pas nie.

Die VF Plus het die week ‘n afvaardiging van onder meer Jaco Mulder LPW,  Hannelie Snyman, Mogale City Raadslid en  Marinda Toerien, VF Plus inligtingsbeampte na die sentrum gestuur om hulself van die ware feite te vergewis.

“In elke gemeenskap is daar ouer en jonger mense wat verswak is en spesiale versorging in ‘n proses na herstel benodig.

“Daar rus ‘n verantwoordelikheid op elke gemeenskap om hierdie mense nie uit te skuif nie, maar om hul morele plig tot versorging na te kom, veral ook omdat staatsondersteunde instellings dikwels ontoereikend is”, het Mulder gesê.

May 03

Christmas 2012

Kersfees met Anscke vd Walt:


‘n Treffende woord deur Anscke aan almal gebring. Baie dankie, ons waardeer jou.

Sep 21

Boereworsrugby Braai

Aug 15


CleverTrevor Plumbing Community Outreach


Brian Ridley het ‘n nuwe besigheid begin saam met sy broer Trevor Ridley deur Sandwich Baron Fourways oor te koop.

sandwich baron


Trevor learned from the best to give his utmost to the people around him. Having a mother (Reinetta Ridley) who can dig in her heels and be the best example a child can hope for, is a caracter trait certainly visible in this young man. Barely having started his plumbing business ‘CleverTREVOR’ his first port of call was to bring his 67 minutes community service to our door.

It is the first time somebody spent so much time and effort to make sure our drains are completely unblocked. Trevor gladly returned for a second time to sort out other problems that was not foreseeable at that time.


We know that Trevor has made the best decision by becoming a Clever Plumber. Now we see that you are truly a clever Trevor Ridley. May you have much success with your business.

Aug 01

100th Birthday Bash

Matthyser en Toy Dannhauser

Toy Dannhauser is ‘n oud rugby speler van die jare sestigs, nog voor televisie. Vandag het hierdie GROOT man ons kom verras deur vir sy alma mater, Oupa Tienie Matthyser te kom groet. Toy, hou maar jou kalender oop want ons gaan groooot makietie hou by La Reynette Centre op Sondag, 13 September. Hierdie jaar vier Tienie Matthyser sy 100 ste verjaardag. Alle oud rugby kennisse is welkom. Kontak ons as julle die geleentheid wil bywoon. Tel: 011 953 4075 of e-pos ons op

Jul 23

Smeer Vaseline teen blomkoolore

Tienie Matthyser (99), oud-Transvaalse rugbyspeler en deesdae inwoner van die La Reynette-sorgsentrum in Krugersdorp, het ’n boereraat vir rugbyspelers.

“Smeer Vaseline aan jou ore vir daardie skrums,” vertel dié voormalige slot. “Dit keer dat jy blomkoolore kry.”

Matthyser, gebore Marthinus Johannes Hendrik, vier op 16 September sy 100ste verjaardag.

Hy is in Bloemhof in Noordwes gebore en het sy hoërskoolloopbaan ná sy st. 7-jaar aan ’n hoërskool in Cottesloe, Johannesburg, kortgeknip om ’n diamantslyper te word.

Dit was die Depressiejare en hy het by die destydse CMR-myn in Maraisburg gewerk. Ná werk was dit tyd vir rugby.

As jong werkende man het hy sommer koekepanne opgetel vir oefening, vertel hy. Vyf dae ’n week het hy 14 myl ver (sowat 22km) gehardloop.

Saterdae was sy wedstryddag.

“Ek het net Sondae af gehad,” sê hy.

Hy het in die 1930’s en ’40’s vir die Crown Mines-rugbyklub gespeel en was volgens Daniël Ellis van Roodepoort, ’n vriend en self ’n oudspeler, in 1942 kaptein van die Transvaalse span.

Latere jare het Matthyser ’n plasie in die Muldersdrift-omgewing gekoop om met blomme te boer. Die blomboerdery is intussen aan ’n sakeman verkoop, maar een van sy twee dogters woon nog op die grond.

Hy het op die ouderdom van 40 sy rugbystewels opgehang, vertel hy, terwyl hy rustig aan ’n sigaret teug.

“Toe ek rugby gespeel het, het ek nie gerook nie, hoor!”

Matthyser sê hy sal graag weer saam met van sy ou rugbymaats wil kuier. Belangstellendes kan die La Reynette-versorgsentrum by 011 953 5012 bel.

Jul 23




Lynette Mulder is ‘n uiters bekwame fisio wat uit die kantore van Ronel Venter Physiotherapy inc. werk. Roberta Hofmeyr, een van ons pasiente is baie gelukkig met haar diens. Roberta was vir ‘n lang ruk teneergedruk maar nou maak sy al klaar grappies. Ons weet dat Roberta sommer gou op die been gaan wees en na haar permanente tuiste verhuis. Ons is bly oor jou vordering, maar hartseer om te weet ons moet eintlik maar net begin groet…


Charlene Cattell


Jul 17

Volle Evangelie Kerk

Jul 17


Oupa Piet Niemand’s birthday was interrupetd last year due to the vehicles parked in the street. When you have a special occation, please park your vehicles inside. This way, you will not be disturbed and can enjoy special times with your family members.

Jul 17

Tswelopele Nursing School



It is always the short moments that dictates the future…

Thabiso Makhene made this true for us just now,

A very capable tutor from Tswelopele Nursing School

Taking into action this very historic day.

Delivering with a very proud smile

His very well received gift,

Making a difference on Mandela day

A gift for the elderly…

A very big Thank You!


From: La Reynette Centre

Grace with students and Barbara Swanepoel, one of our patients

Grace with Students

Auxilary Students

Grace with oupa Piet Niemand


Partnership in training with Tswelopele Nursing School



Tswelopele is a private nursing school in the West Rand for the main purpose of creating more clinical facilities for experiential learning.

La Reynette Centre (LAR) creates the platform for Tswelopele workshops on Wednesdays.

Health care assistance include:

–          Feeding of patients

–          Physical and Psychological rehabilitation


Nursing procedures:

–          Bed wash

–          Turning of patients etc. are amongst the 11 procedures


The monitoring & evaluation of students are done by themselves and seniors on duty including clinical co-ordination.


Student Nurse Trainer Grace Diseko, has been a welcomed face at LAR since February 2007. Grace’s love for the industry matches her wealth of knowledge she passes on to students. Practical intern training is one of the compulsory aspects any medical institution has to comply with. Ms Diseko always gives support to the trainees to ensure that they comply with the set standards.

At LAR we feel blessed to be a platform for the training of aspiring Care Givers and auxiliary’s alike. We hope that the relationship between us and Tswelopele will grow from strength to strength. Roberta Hofmeyr, one of our patients, could not stop singing the praize’s of one of their auxiliary students.

Jul 17

Rabbit Hole


Reinetta met Esme (eienaar van Rabbit Hole) Marian Botha(Lappies & Lalie)en Rothea (dogter van eienaar)

Agter die besonderse Kroeg toonbank

Marian Botha by die Bejaarde Dagsorg voorleggings tafel




Moonlight, Viljoen straat en Rabbit Hole


Lappies en Lalie se BEJAARDE DAGSORG projek wat deur La Reynette Centre op die been gebring word, was ook daar. Was dit nou ‘n belewenis. Enige iemand wat daar was kan getuig van warm harte ten spyte van die bittere koue. Die straat was oortrek van vriendskaps gebare, kuns drukkies en klanke wat heupe laat wikkel het.


Rabbit Hole se ongewone gastehuis was die aangenaamste verrassing van die straat. Met die warm persoonlikhede van eienaar Esma, Rothea(dogter) en Eksteen(seun) was ons gemeenskaps projek sonder aarseling ingenooi. (Die oeroue San vertel dat ‘n skildery teen die muur insig tot ‘n ander wêreld is.) Ons het Esma se wêreld gesien. Haar skilderye wat vertel van allerlei diere. Van mure, voetpaadjies en counters ‘beskilder’ met glassies,spieëltjies en doppies en klippies, munte en nog wat. ‘n Plek met so ‘n mooi glimlag, mens wil net daar bly kuier.


‘n Plek met warm sjokolade en chilly con carne uit die boonste rakke.


Dit was in die plek waar ons ons lied kon sing. ‘n Lied van hoop, ‘n lied met ‘n toekoms.

Matrone Coomans het eerste gaste verwelkom en bloeddrukke geneem. Reinetta Ridley het by haar oorgeneem en met haar sagmoedige manier. Sy het die publiek ontvang met goeie raad vir hulle gesondheid terwyl sy hulle inlig van die besonderse bejaarde dagsorg projek.


La Reinette Centre se gemeenskaps projek vir bejaarde dagsorg beoog om twintig mense van Maandag tot Vrydag te versorg. Ons hoop die projek bring verligting vir families alreeds belaai met allerlei sosiale verpligtinge. Elke bejaarde sal volgens hulle inkomste


geakomodeer word. Alle aansoeke is welkom. Marian Botha het hand aan hand die blye boodskap met Reinetta verkondig aan ‘n ontvanklike gehoor.


Gasvryheid se nuwe naam is Rabbit Hole. Dankie vir die koffie, die glüwein, hasies en vuurspoegies. Die kitaarklanke en tromme uit julle tuin. Dankie dat Hospice daar was. Dankie dat ons daar kon wees.


Dankie Caxton dat julle hierdie projek onderstreun het. Julle is waarlik ‘n aanwins vir ons gemeenskap.

Jul 17

Lappies & Lalie

Bertie van Rensburg is die hoof van Pro-Practicum skool, dan Reinetta Ridley (eienaar van La Reynette Centre) en dan Anneke Viljoen van Grace Ministries.




20 Julie 2011



Re: La Reynette Centre raak betrokke by Lappies en Lalie wat omskep word in ‘n Gemeenskaps Sentrum



Propracticum skool se gemeenskapsprojek, Lappies & Lalie in Krugersdorp Wes se demografie sal bestaan uit voorskool kinders, tieners en bejaardes.


Die projek bestuurder, Anneke Viljoen, is ‘n begaafde sanger en haar fonds insamelings projekte het meniges al bevoordeel. Onder andere wil La Reynette Centre haar bedank vir die rolstoele wat ons van haar ontvang het. Haar optredes strek van kerke tot skole tot privaat instansies. Haar bediening, Grace Music Outreach Ministries is gefokus op die geestelike aspek van menslike verhoudings en sy spits haal geheel en al daarop toe.

La Reynette Centre het vir die afgelope twee jaar voordeel uit haar bediening geput en sal haar noue kontak met ons bejaardes baie mis. “Ons is wel seker Krugersdorp-Wes se gemeenskap is gelukkig om haar as hulle gemeenskaps projek bestuurder te kry.



Reinetta Ridley se verswakte sorg sentrum in Rant & Dal, wat sy vir die afgelope 5 jaar bedryf, het haar laat besef hoe groot die nood is vir kinders is wat daagliks werk toe gaan en noodgedwonge hulle ouers tuis aan hulle eie genade moet oorlos. Ouers wat soms val en nie weer kan opstaan nie en vir ure op ‘n koue vloer moet lê totdat die kinders tuis kom.


Na aanleiding van die tekortkoming in die gemeenskap het Reinetta ‘n passie in haar hart ontwikkel om ‘n  dagsorg vir ou mense op die been te bring. Reinetta se passie het haar by Lappies & Lalie se terrein gebring. Sy het Marian Botha as bestuurder aangestel om die bejaardes se dagversorgings eenheid te renoveer en uiteindelik self vir die bejaardes te sorg. Reinetta se finansiele bydrae het gesorg dat ‘n droom waarheid kan word.


Die dagsorg vir bejaardes eenheid se deure sal op 1 Augustus oop wees. Daar sal voorsien word in al die behoeftes van die bejaardes. Hulle sal besig gehou word met handwerk en werkswinkels.

– ‘n Siekeboeg is op die perseel vir wanneer ouma en oupa skielik olik voel.

Die bejaardesorg eenheid sal elke weeksdag tussen 07h30 en 17h30 oop wees.



Die bejaardes vorm dus deel van ‘n sosiaal ekonomiese omgewing met aktiwiteite wat rondom hulle afspeel soos ‘n koffie huis, kuns en musiek opvoerings, ‘n biblioteek en alreeds bestaande kuns winkel en voorskoolse kindersorg. Die sekuriteit en gerieflike parkering wat die perseel bied is een van die groot plus punte vir ons.


Marian Botha staan ook gereed om u oproepe te ontvang by nommer 082 062 3252.




Jul 16

Unique Skin

Die son skyn weer vir Janet & John

Nadat ons die artikel van Phillip Perch en sy wonder produk, Unique Skin ingestuur het, het ons talle oproepe ontvang van mense wat desperaat na ‘n oplossing vir eksema en vel uitslae soek.

Onder andere was John, wie se dogter, Janet, van geboorte af met spier distrofie sukkel. John is alleen verantwoordelik vir sy dogter vandat sy vrou wat 17 jaar lank met spier distrofie gespook het, oorlede is.

Janet sukkel vir twee jaar lank om van ‘n ongewone uitslag op haar bobeen ontslae te raak. John vertel van ‘n sak vol rome wat hulle al probeer het. Matrone Coomans van La Reynette Centre het vir Janet ondersoek en aanbeveel dat hulle net Unique Skin moet gebruik. Hulle is daar weg en drie weke later het John terug gekom met die blye boodskap dat sy dogter se vel so te sê opgeklaar is. John raak opgewonde oor die verligting wat die salf vir sy dogter gebring het. Hy sê sy kla nooit nie, mens sien net die traan wat saggies by haar wang afloop.

La Reynette Centre se bestuur wil ‘n spesiale dankie rig aan Phil Perch wat hierdie wonder produk geskep het. Mag die Here jou ryklik seën en mag jou produk vele mense se lewensgehalte verbeter.

Ek kan self getuig van hoe hierdie middel oppervlakkige vel pyne laat verdwyn en verligting bring na die eerste aanwending.

Skakel ons gerus indien u hierdie wonder produk wil aan skaf. Tienke Bosher 011 953 4075 of 072 282 7831

Jul 12

Netcare Krugersdorp Privaat

9 April 2013

Netcare se uitreiking vir Bejaardes


Ons wil net duisend dankies sê vir die wonderlike manier waarop Netcare Krugesrdorp Privaat ons kom besoek het gedurende die paastyd. Die bestuur soos Mr. Mothlatentoa Motsoane en Matrone Hester Steyn het persoonlik hasies en drukkies uitgedeel saam met hulle personeel. Weereens het hulle bewys dat hulle groot hart diep gewortel is in ons gemeenskap.


Krugersdorp Hospitaal het La Reynette Centre as hulle Gemeenskaps Projek vroeg verlede jaar aangeneem. Hulle het daad by die woord gevoeg deur onder andere ons by te staan met die verwydering van ons mediese afval en ander vergunnings. Hulle aptekers diens is voorwaar voortreflik onder leiding van Trecia Boshoff. Die impak wat dit maak op ‘n klein besigheid, beide finansiel en vir gemoedsrus, kan nie in woorde uitgedruk word nie. Toe die bestuur ons weer kom besoek het hierdie week om hulle voortgesette ondersteuning te beaam, kon ons nie gelukkiger wees nie.


Netcare 911 se Ambulaans diens gely deur Dave Barry het bewys dat hulle vinnig en professioneel is. Ons vertroue is in hierdie groot ouens wat belowe dat ons net moet roep as ons iets nodig het. Sover dit my aangaan, weet ek dat daardie belofte goud werd is.


Ons is baie dankbaar vir julle insette en ook julle personeel wat met tye hier inkom om ons ou mense te bemoedig. Julle is vir ons van onskatbare waarde.


Baie, baie dankie

Tienke Bosher




Gemeenskaps Projek bevoordeel Sorgsentrum


Erkenning vir goeie mediese sorg is broodnodig. Daarom is dit vir ons ‘n eer dat Hester Steyn, Matrone van Netcare KDP Hospitaal, La Reynette Centre as ‘n ontvanger van hulle gemeenskaps uitreiking gemaak het. Dit net nadat Lappies en Lallie ons vereer het met ‘n toekenning as ‘n Vriend van die Gemeenskap vir al die ondersteuning wat ons aan hulle gegee het.

Hierdie tipe uitreiking is van onskatbare waarde omdat informasie bekostigbaar raak vir die versorging van bejaardes en die gemeenskap as ‘n geheel.

Netcare het spesifiek aan ons hulle Teater Personeel afgesonder. Nee, ons gaan nie by hulle leer om te opereer nie. Hulle gaan hulle scalpels veruil vir naelvyltjies en borsels. Met sagte glimlaggies en aanrakings sal hulle ons bejaardes bederf met ure se persoonlike aandag. Hulle wil hul verrykende kennis met ons deel. Ons staf sal in meer diepte onderrig ontvang aangaande verpleegsorg, en talle ander wenke wat net tot voordeel van die versorging van bejaardes sal wees. Dit verskaf ons vreugde want by La Reynette Centre gaan alles vir ons oor ons bejaardes. 


Datum van vergadering: Vrydag,18 Mei 2012

Re: Vergadering met Krugersdorp Privaat Hospitaal (Netcare Hospitals (Pty) Ltd

Agenda: Gemeenskap Projekte

Hester Steyn, Matrone van Netcare Krugersdorp Hospitaal het ons meegedeel dat hulle La Reynette Centre as hulle Gemeenskaps Projek aanneem.

Dit is vir ons ‘n groot eer en wil hulle graag daarvoor bedank.

Die paneel wat deelgeneem het in hierdie vergadering is op die foto van links na regs

Trecia Boshoff (Pharmacy Manager), Matron Marthie Coomans, Joey Nortje (Hospital Sister),

Matron Hester Steyn from Krugerdorp Privaat en Reinetta Ridley (Owner and Staff Nurse from La Reynette Centre)

Baie Dankie, Tienke Bosher

072 282 7831


Jul 12

Vryheidsfront Plus

Marise Hucheson (familie verteenwoordiger) Raadslid Hannelie Snyman en Marinda Toerien.


Lorraine Cock (Deputy Director – Versorging en Dienste aan Bejaardes), Mr. Jaco Mulder Vryheidsfront Plus en Reinetta Ridley (eienaar La Reynette Centre)


Datum van vergadering: Dinsdag, 22 Mei 2012

Re: Baie Dankie vir Goeie Mense

La Reynette Centre will graag vir Lorraine Cock (Deputy Director – Care and Services to Older Persons) van hoofkantoor bedank vir haar wonderlike entoesiasme in die saak van Verswakte Sorgsentrums vir Bejaardes. Versorging van bejaardes wat deur die DA se pers verklarings in hooftreknuusflitse ontaard het. Mr. Jaco Mulder van die Vryheidsfront het La Reynette Centre met billikheid verdedig en ons wil hom graag van harte bedank. Wanneer ‘n onderneming aan wetlike aspekte moet voldoen waarvan die brieë publiek geen kennis dra nie, is dit soos ‘n mynveld wat elke dag in ‘n verskrikking kan ontaard. Ek voel gerus wanneer organisasies soos die Vryheidsfront Plus hulle hulp aanbied aan besighede wat elke dag moet veg vir ‘n bestaan. Politiek mag soms koud wees en onpersoonlike aanmerkings maak, maar ons hunker na die persoon van Mr. Jaco Mulder, Marinda Toerien en Hannelie Snyman (Raadslid) wat gees aan die mens verleen. Baie dankie vir julle tyd en opofferings. Ook ‘n groot dankie vir al ons ondersteuners.

Verder was dit vir ons verbasend dat nuusberigte wat in koerante verskyn het, vir die waarheid in die vergadering aangehaal was. Die vergadering het almal weer laat besef dat dat goeie gesonde kommunikasie beskerm ‘n mens teen die opinies van buitestaanders

Jul 12

Application for Admission

Application for Admission Form

Details of Patient:

Surname:     ____________________________________

Full Names: ____________________________________

Id Number:  ____________________________________

Birthdate:  _______________________ age:__________

Diagnosis:________________________  Docter:__________________

Allergy:  ___________________________________________________

Surgery: ___________________________________________________

Chronic Illness: ______________________________________

Chronic Medication:YES/NO     Smoker:YES/NO     Alcohol use:YES/NO




Contact Details of Person Responsible for account:


Surname:  __________________________________________


Full Names:  ________________________________________


ID Number:   ________________________________________



Tel:  ________________________________


Email address: ______________________________________


Physical Address: ______________________________________________




_____________________________Code: ____________


Postal Address:     ______________________________________________


_____________________________Code: ____________

Medical Aid: _________________________________________


Number: _________________________________________

Plan: _________________________________________



Details of Relatives:


Name: ______________________Surname:___________________Tel:___________________

Name: ______________________Surname:___________________Tel:___________________


Name: ______________________Surname:___________________Tel:___________________


Terms and Conditions

– I hereby certify that I am, the signatory here below, is responsible for the account of this resident/patient.

– I undertake to pay all legal costs relating to the recovery of outstanding money.

– La Reynette Centre do not refund any money being paid in advance, unless otherwise specified in writing by L.R.C. management. No refunds will be made to patients/residents after 10 days stay when admitted on a monthly contract basis, specified in writing.

– All clothing, equipment, etcetera not collected within 30 day’s of the patient/residents discharge or death, shall be distributed to community projects.

– 30 Days calendar notice is required for residents/patients who live in on a monthly basis.

– Copy of identification of resident/patient must accompany this admission form.

– Copy of medical aid of resident/patient to accompany this admission form.

– All the medical information about the resident/patient is correct and treatment done accordingly. L.R.C. will not be held responsible for any wrong information that may lead to wrongful medical treatment.


The Abbreviation LRC. stands for La Reynette Centre





I, ________________________________________  hereby formally


apply for the admission of (patient name)  ____________________________________   at  La Reynette Centre.


I, _________________________________________ the person


responsible for all payments, ID No __________________________


hereby agree and understand all the rules and regulations as set out


above on this day: ___________________  20______


at:________________________ and agree to adhere to all the regulations.


I also hereby confirm that I have read, understand and accept the rules of Protocol as per


two page addendum attached ________________________________________.

Signature of person responsible for payments




La Reynette Centre Protocol

*all medical and residential bills are payable by the signatory on the admission form.

*LRC do not take responsibility for the loss of any valuable items not handed in for safe keeping.

*All clothing, apparatus and personal belongings must be clearly marked.

*Diabetic patients/residents are responsible for supplying their own sugar.

*LRC supply three home cooked meals daily as well as two tea time snacks.

*Monthly patients/residents are subject to give us 30 day notice of the intention to leave the facility.

*LRC do not keep any money for patients as all their needs are catered for.

*Smokers are only allowed to smoke outside at clearly designated areas.

*Patients/residents/families are free to make use of the swimming pool with supervision for children under 16 years.

*Families are free to have a braai with patients/residents on weekends.

*Patients/residents are responsible for their own nappies. We do supply nappies at market related rates.

*The patient/residents must supply LRC a copy of the script for any medication to be administered. Without such script no medication will be administered whatsoever.

*We advise all patients to be seen by our house doctors. This gives us access to their expert advice in all medical emergencies regarding the patient.

*Visitation to outside doctors and specialists or hospitals are to the account of the family and/or patient/resident, except where alternative arrangements have been made.

*24 Hour nursing care, bed baths, a roll in shower, assisted baths and all hygiene processes are all part of our service.

*Sick bay available.

*Visiting hours are between 10h00-12h00, 14h00 -16h00 and 17h00-20h00.

*Please do not park in the street as far as possible. Secure parking is available on request.





*Ask about our service providers who visit our patients at our care center in the capacity of: Physiotherapy, dentistry (false teeth), hair dressing (cut & blow), podiatry, pastoral, wound care sisters, occupational therapy, etc.


*In the event of a patient not being able to take direction/guidance for their own

Safety’s sake, we remain the right to ask the family to sign an indemnity form.


*Patients are liable for their monthly account even if they were transferred to a hospital   for intensive care or medical procedures. All monthly residents/patients are subject to a 30 day notice period in writing. Verbal notice will not be accepted.


*We might be required to pass on some of the patient’s information on to the following businesses/institutions to properly care for them as the need arises.

– Robert Broom Medical Centre – General


– Ronel Venter Physiotherapy Inc.

– Dental Connection

– Sacks Pharmacy

– Netcare Pharmacy

– Netcare Hospital KDP

– Eco-Med, Oyzone or Vital Aire

If any of these service suppliers are not be used and personal information (such as medical aid details) are not to be forwarded to them, please provide us with a notice thereof in writing.

RE: POPI Law on Personal Information act.








Jul 12




Die Here het toe vir my gesê: Skryf wat Ek aan jou gaan openbaar duidelik op kleitablette sodat mense dit sommer in die verbygaan kan lees.” Habakuk 2:2


Ons Direktief:

“Kyk, Ek het ‘n deur voor julle oopgesluit en niemand kan dit weer toesluit nie. Ek weet dat julle min krag het, en tog het julle aan my boodskap vasgehou en My nie verloën nie.”


Ons Visie:

Ons visie is om disipels van almal te maak volgens God se opdrag aan ons. Wat meen ons onderneem om ons lig te laat skyn deur gebed, liefdevolle versorging aan ons pasiente en liefde vir mekaar.



Ons missie is om gehoorsaam en getrou aan God te bly wanneer Hy sê: “Gaan heen en verkondig die blye boodskap aan almal dat Jesus Christus vir ons gesterf het sodat ons nie verlore mag gaan nie maar deur Hom as ons saligmaker te aanvaar, die ewige lewe mag be-erwe.

Hoe gaan ons ons lig laat skyn “deur die liefde wat ons vir mekaar het sal die mense sien dat ons kinders van God is – en waar nodig is sal ons woorde gebruik.

Jun 26

Welcome Note

At La Reynette Centre patients are – Accommodated in a comfortable homely environment – Treated to nourishing meals – Cared for by skilled personnel with respect and love.  At La Reynette Centre your loved ones are in good hands whilst they recover, allowing you rest and peace of mind.  THE BONUS POINT IS FOR GOOD QUALTIY CARE – WE ARE VERY AFFORDABLE!!  La Reynette Centre is your Home away from Home!

Jun 26

Contact Us

15 Falcon Street

Rant & Dal



P.O. Box 1827

Rant & Dal


 011 953 4075  – Office

074 151 3542 – Reinetta Ridley




Your Name (required)

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Your Message

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Jun 26

More About Us


More about us


At the La Reynette Centre for residential Frail Care, we understand how important the older members of your family are to you, and that life does’nt always allow us to age the way we want to. That is why we provide a premium frail care service for those in need of constant medical attention and observation while still offering them a warm and comfortable environment as if they were still at home.


If you are looking for a place where your elders can be treated with the care and attention they deserve then look no further than the La Reynette Centre – their Home away from Home.


Purposely nestled inside lush suburbia, our primary focus is to provide medical care for the frail inside a warm and comfortable, homely environment. With goodwill at the heart of our daily care for the physical and spiritual needs of our patients, we allow al those staying at La Reynette Centre to experience easy and carefree living.


General Services


With affordable care at its core, La Reynette Centre provides excellent professional care to all its patients and residents. Some of those in our care include individuals suffering from mild dimentia – all of them benefiting from the care of well trained professional staff to offer you peace of mind. Our 24 hour service includes basic routines such as turning patients, changing nappies, bed baths, feeding and administering oxygen with tender loving care. Nourishing, home made meals are carefully planned to build a strong constitution to improve quality of life.


At the La Reynette Centre we provide the same levels of dedication for patients moving towards recovery and those crossing over.



–       laundry

–       freshly Prepared Meals

–       Spiritual Ministry

–       Television Concerts, Sports and Actuality Programmes

–       Live Shows (3 monthly)

–       Purified Water

–       Hospital Beds in Wards and Conventional Beds in Semi Private Quarters

–       Private Room Facility for Special Care

–       Shower access with Wheel Chair

–       Outdoor Visitation Facilities




–       Secure Parking

–       Security Gates in and around the Property, safeguarding from intruders and protection against drowning in swimming pool

–       RiskChart Evacuation RouteMaps

–       Fire Equipment quota and Service Record in place. Gas bottles as per Lawful Instruction

–       Safety Signs in place

–       Environmental Organogram and Systems

–       Refuse Removal and Cleaning Service

–       Professional Sharps Removal

–       Dustbin Environmental Seperation

–       Designated Smoking Area

–       Fire Blanket in Place


Private Room Emergency Preparation:

  • Resus Monitor Machine (Defibulator, constant vital sign display)
  • Emergency Oxygen
  • Drip Stand
  • Critical conditions: nasolgastric feed, catheters – for we believe improved comfort spawns recovery
  • Hospital bed with 360 degree access. For different posture bed positions
  • Floor space for 4 visitors at thye same time. Easy chair for overnight stay
  • 24 Hour visitation access
  • Sterilizer Equipment
  • Unobstructed access to room with ambulance/private drop off
  • Isolated care in case of infections
  • First docter visit within 24 hrs on admission


Basic Daily Observations Include:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Temperature
  • Glucose levels (diabetics)
  • Basic hygiene record taking


6 Monthly Routine Docter visits to update/renew cronic medication prescriptions. Including into the routine check-up is to make sure the patient’s condition still requires previously prescribed medical treatment. Mandatory test for this visit includes:

* Blood sugar test

* Urine test

* Blood Test (in house assessment)

* Blood test (to be sent for laboratory testing)


  • Matron Marthie Coomans – 30 Years
  • Reinetta Ridley – Staff Nurse – 28 years
  • Anette Brand – Auxillary Nurse  – 10 years
  • Lettie Geldenhuys – Staff Nurse – 20 years
  • Care Givers x 6
  • Student Care Givers x 2 per day shift/1 per night shift
  • Cleaning Staff and Cook x 5


The top professional staff at La Reynette Centre have collectively 95 years of medical care experience with a keen understanding of basic symptoms and how to care for minor and bigger ailments immediately. Adding to this experience, Reinetta’s keen accent on health via supplements ensures high levels of comfort for patients even when bedridden. Sister’s experience with elderly care creates comfort and practical expertise that ensures patient confidence.





May 30

She does wonderful work

She does wonderful work

Val Tutty from Krugersdorp writes:

30 May 2012


On reading the newspaper this week and hearing about the stories going around, I am totally disgusted at the public for running the La Reynette Centre  down.

They do  amazing work and have qualified people who work there.

My own mother was in Reinetta’s  care and I can only comment on the good work that was always done there; the care could not have been better.

My mother had a stroke and was at Dr Yusuf Dadoo Hospital for a week. When she was discharged, I had nowhere to let her stay as I was working.

I was referred to her (Reinetta)  and she took my mother in. My mother was one of the first to go and stay there.

My mother was Clarice Browne and she  enjoyed it there.

Unfortunately my mother’s money was running out and I had to put her in a cheaper place (with regret).

My mom  passed away three years ago and if I had the money she would have stayed there until her passing.

I suggest that the nasty people that are making false statements are disgusting, but wait, one day your time will come, then see how you will feel.

They have even vandalised her signs at the home; it is  not acceptable.

It is time that people out there just grow up. All I can say is Reinetta, you are  doing excellent work for the old people and I hope you carry on the good work.

Apr 27

Sneeuvlokkie drukkies

Snoesig met spatsels van wit het ons tuin meubels gister luilekker na ons geloer…

Ons het diep teruggesak in ons gemak stoele en gedink. ‘Die sewende Augustus

2012 is toe ‘n dag om te onthou.’ La Reynette Centre stuur aan julle almal sneeuvlokkie drukkies en hoop julle dag was net so uitgelate asemrowend soos ons sin.

Feb 16

Care and compassion at centre

Doreen Gunn from Rant-en-Dal writes:

16 February 2012


I have been residing at La Reynette Centre as a boarder for approximately four months.

During my time here I’ve noticed only care and compassion for the residents by the nursing staff and the owner, Reinetta.

The food is plentiful, tasty and nutritious. Washing of linen, patients’ clothes, floors and equipment etc, is done daily  with the utmost care.

Reinetta goes out of her way to meet the spiritual needs of the patients by playing gospel music and there is a weekly visit by a pastor. During my time here only one person has passed away.

A lady regularly comes to teach arts and crafts and a hairdresser is provided on site when needed. Our bath water is always hot and help is always at hand, when needed.

Unfortunately there will always be a level of noise as is the case in any hospital or nursing home environment.

Some patients suffer from Altzheimers, which causes them to be distressed  and disorientated at times.

I would like to thank a dear DA friend who introduced me to Reinetta, who now has also become a dear friend!

Aug 08

Weaving with Mary and Jenny

IMAGE 1 of 2

The residents of the La Reynette Centre were recently taught the art of weaving.

08 August 2011 | Sammi-Jo Botha


On 27 July, Jenny Hugill and  Mary Binet taught the residents at the La Reynette Centre how to weave.

Tienke Bosher from the La Reynette Centre says, “It  took a little longer than previous craft workshops. Jenny Hugill made sure the cavalry was in place for this more complicated class.

“She armed herself with Mary Binet, a retired occupational therapist. Strong, lengthy arms are an asset when it comes to weaving, it seems.
“Without warning, arms were flying from all directions. I am pleased to announce that no serious injuries were reported.

“Jenny made her way to the women’s ward, where lovely Marie Gerhardt and Roberta Hofmeyer made their home. Jenny took the time to explain to Roberta the process of weaving a spectacle casing. They were both impressed with Jenny, and promised to join the activities at the next workshop.

“Nobody finished their weaving project, even though Jenny and Mary stayed until noon. Jenny will see us in a fortnight to conclude the process of creating by means of weaving.

“Jenny, as always  you were simply awesome. Thank you very much. Jenny is also a keen beekeeper, and can be found at Seronda Valley.”