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More About Us


More about us


At the La Reynette Centre for residential Frail Care, we understand how important the older members of your family are to you, and that life does’nt always allow us to age the way we want to. That is why we provide a premium frail care service for those in need of constant medical attention and observation while still offering them a warm and comfortable environment as if they were still at home.


If you are looking for a place where your elders can be treated with the care and attention they deserve then look no further than the La Reynette Centre – their Home away from Home.


Purposely nestled inside lush suburbia, our primary focus is to provide medical care for the frail inside a warm and comfortable, homely environment. With goodwill at the heart of our daily care for the physical and spiritual needs of our patients, we allow al those staying at La Reynette Centre to experience easy and carefree living.


General Services


With affordable care at its core, La Reynette Centre provides excellent professional care to all its patients and residents. Some of those in our care include individuals suffering from mild dimentia – all of them benefiting from the care of well trained professional staff to offer you peace of mind. Our 24 hour service includes basic routines such as turning patients, changing nappies, bed baths, feeding and administering oxygen with tender loving care. Nourishing, home made meals are carefully planned to build a strong constitution to improve quality of life.


At the La Reynette Centre we provide the same levels of dedication for patients moving towards recovery and those crossing over.



–       laundry

–       freshly Prepared Meals

–       Spiritual Ministry

–       Television Concerts, Sports and Actuality Programmes

–       Live Shows (3 monthly)

–       Purified Water

–       Hospital Beds in Wards and Conventional Beds in Semi Private Quarters

–       Private Room Facility for Special Care

–       Shower access with Wheel Chair

–       Outdoor Visitation Facilities




–       Secure Parking

–       Security Gates in and around the Property, safeguarding from intruders and protection against drowning in swimming pool

–       RiskChart Evacuation RouteMaps

–       Fire Equipment quota and Service Record in place. Gas bottles as per Lawful Instruction

–       Safety Signs in place

–       Environmental Organogram and Systems

–       Refuse Removal and Cleaning Service

–       Professional Sharps Removal

–       Dustbin Environmental Seperation

–       Designated Smoking Area

–       Fire Blanket in Place


Private Room Emergency Preparation:

  • Resus Monitor Machine (Defibulator, constant vital sign display)
  • Emergency Oxygen
  • Drip Stand
  • Critical conditions: nasolgastric feed, catheters – for we believe improved comfort spawns recovery
  • Hospital bed with 360 degree access. For different posture bed positions
  • Floor space for 4 visitors at thye same time. Easy chair for overnight stay
  • 24 Hour visitation access
  • Sterilizer Equipment
  • Unobstructed access to room with ambulance/private drop off
  • Isolated care in case of infections
  • First docter visit within 24 hrs on admission


Basic Daily Observations Include:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Temperature
  • Glucose levels (diabetics)
  • Basic hygiene record taking


6 Monthly Routine Docter visits to update/renew cronic medication prescriptions. Including into the routine check-up is to make sure the patient’s condition still requires previously prescribed medical treatment. Mandatory test for this visit includes:

* Blood sugar test

* Urine test

* Blood Test (in house assessment)

* Blood test (to be sent for laboratory testing)


  • Matron Marthie Coomans – 30 Years
  • Reinetta Ridley – Staff Nurse – 28 years
  • Anette Brand – Auxillary Nurse  – 10 years
  • Lettie Geldenhuys – Staff Nurse – 20 years
  • Care Givers x 6
  • Student Care Givers x 2 per day shift/1 per night shift
  • Cleaning Staff and Cook x 5


The top professional staff at La Reynette Centre have collectively 95 years of medical care experience with a keen understanding of basic symptoms and how to care for minor and bigger ailments immediately. Adding to this experience, Reinetta’s keen accent on health via supplements ensures high levels of comfort for patients even when bedridden. Sister’s experience with elderly care creates comfort and practical expertise that ensures patient confidence.