Jan 20

A warm Thank You to ABSA

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to ABSA for personally handing shoebox gifts to our patients to celebrate the year end festivities.

The frail elderly cannot go away on holiday and it is therefore our duty to bring the holidays to them.


Blackie Swart made the alarming remark that the government have stopped subsidies for some institutions and because of that they understand the need for facilities like La Reynette Centre to be nurtured and helped. The services La Reynette Centre offers are cardinal for the care of the next generation. ABSA pledged their continual financial and services support for the benefit of our patients. An offer we embrace with open arms as their decision secures future affordable frail care in the medical industry and job security for the Nursing & Care Giving fraternities


Blackie stressed the importance of the community taking hands and caring for all inside the boundaries of that community.


La Reynette Centre is thankful for Blackie Swart & Sanet Ferreira for taking the time and remembering the need to give. It is in giving we receive, it is in the handshake we make connections. It is in the smile the eyes receives the revival the soul needs. It is the spoken word that creates and opens the gates to enthusiasm for that which can be mastered. It is the message carrier of the breath that connects us to our Lord and Savior and our connectedness to each other.


We thank you and we are looking forward to the New Year 2015 because you took the time to see us and the work we do.


Thank You


Kind Regards

Tienke Bosher