Aug 08

Weaving with Mary and Jenny

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The residents of the La Reynette Centre were recently taught the art of weaving.

08 August 2011 | Sammi-Jo Botha


On 27 July, Jenny Hugill and  Mary Binet taught the residents at the La Reynette Centre how to weave.

Tienke Bosher from the La Reynette Centre says, “It  took a little longer than previous craft workshops. Jenny Hugill made sure the cavalry was in place for this more complicated class.

“She armed herself with Mary Binet, a retired occupational therapist. Strong, lengthy arms are an asset when it comes to weaving, it seems.
“Without warning, arms were flying from all directions. I am pleased to announce that no serious injuries were reported.

“Jenny made her way to the women’s ward, where lovely Marie Gerhardt and Roberta Hofmeyer made their home. Jenny took the time to explain to Roberta the process of weaving a spectacle casing. They were both impressed with Jenny, and promised to join the activities at the next workshop.

“Nobody finished their weaving project, even though Jenny and Mary stayed until noon. Jenny will see us in a fortnight to conclude the process of creating by means of weaving.

“Jenny, as always  you were simply awesome. Thank you very much. Jenny is also a keen beekeeper, and can be found at Seronda Valley.”