Jan 21

Just a Stroke of Luck,

a  Stroke  of  Luck  and  Love,

Sometimes luck comes in a package that could not at the time be described as such. Craig Quirk was placed at La Reynette Centre by his brother Glen Quirk. Craig was a broken man, recovering from the devastating effects of an aneurism at forty three years of age. Craig was completely disoriented and when many of us would give up, the staff at La Reynette Centre showed tenacity for the life and health of this young man and it was a dance to be admired. Our neighbours also showed great patience being woken up with the sounds of unspeakables at four in the morning.


After what felt like forever Craig’s true nature started shining through. He entertained all and laughter was a familiar sight around him.


Craig’s financial burden weighed heavy on his brother’s shoulders but they never once complained. Their luck changed when Silver Star Casino agreed to pay for corrective surgery to Craig’s scull. This act of love was a result of the Christmas wish program on radio.


The operation was successful and Craig improved along with his particular flavor of humor. Although his sight was impaired and his speech somewhat slurred, his desire for home and wife and his four children started dominating his thoughts. However, whenever Craig was to be transferred to an occupational therapy home, he became more ill.


Glen QuirkWe devised a proposal to improve Craig’s motor-neuron activity by using the processes of sign manufacturing.

Maizey Logo New

Glen accepted the challenge and donated the money for a 1200mm wide Plotter. After many setbacks the plotter arrived and we started our journey with weeding and application. We were blessed with generous donations of vinyl

We are sorry Craig left us earlier than what we bargained for and the hole of his absence resonates deeply between the walls of La Reynette Centre.products by Maizey Plastics  for a plotter has no value without it.







A Big thank you to the Quirk boys and especially RE/MAX  Beyond  2000 for your kind gifts. We will make sure that this machine will benefit many who travel within the parameters of La Reynette Centre.

You are welcome to contact Glen Quirk  if you are looking to sell or buy your property on 011 955 2524


Much Love

Tienke Bosher