Jan 14

Luchelle brings the Gospel in song

01 February 2012


Luchelle, the Gospel Nightingale


It was again our pleasure to hear the rich voice of Luchelle van Niekerk with the story of our Lord and Savior in her breath.

Armed with her children and her husband, Luchelle was yet again tender and loving and a blessing for the soul.

I strongly recommend this family for their musical aptitude and technical abilities. They are punctual and a joy to work with. Nothing is too much for them.

Luchelle’s personality is rich and laced with a brand of humility that cannot be duplicated. A lovely women of God, encouraging her children to use their throat  as an instrument of praise to the God of Creation, the God of the living.

May your path be strewn with graceful joy and miracles for the gift of the Lord LORD will bring you and your family to the gate of salvation, the path of everlasting love.


Thank You so much and be blessed.


Love La Reynette Centre