May 30

She does wonderful work

She does wonderful work

Val Tutty from Krugersdorp writes:

30 May 2012


On reading the newspaper this week and hearing about the stories going around, I am totally disgusted at the public for running the La Reynette Centre  down.

They do  amazing work and have qualified people who work there.

My own mother was in Reinetta’s  care and I can only comment on the good work that was always done there; the care could not have been better.

My mother had a stroke and was at Dr Yusuf Dadoo Hospital for a week. When she was discharged, I had nowhere to let her stay as I was working.

I was referred to her (Reinetta)  and she took my mother in. My mother was one of the first to go and stay there.

My mother was Clarice Browne and she  enjoyed it there.

Unfortunately my mother’s money was running out and I had to put her in a cheaper place (with regret).

My mom  passed away three years ago and if I had the money she would have stayed there until her passing.

I suggest that the nasty people that are making false statements are disgusting, but wait, one day your time will come, then see how you will feel.

They have even vandalised her signs at the home; it is  not acceptable.

It is time that people out there just grow up. All I can say is Reinetta, you are  doing excellent work for the old people and I hope you carry on the good work.