Feb 16

Care and compassion at centre

Doreen Gunn from Rant-en-Dal writes:

16 February 2012


I have been residing at La Reynette Centre as a boarder for approximately four months.

During my time here I’ve noticed only care and compassion for the residents by the nursing staff and the owner, Reinetta.

The food is plentiful, tasty and nutritious. Washing of linen, patients’ clothes, floors and equipment etc, is done daily  with the utmost care.

Reinetta goes out of her way to meet the spiritual needs of the patients by playing gospel music and there is a weekly visit by a pastor. During my time here only one person has passed away.

A lady regularly comes to teach arts and crafts and a hairdresser is provided on site when needed. Our bath water is always hot and help is always at hand, when needed.

Unfortunately there will always be a level of noise as is the case in any hospital or nursing home environment.

Some patients suffer from Altzheimers, which causes them to be distressed  and disorientated at times.

I would like to thank a dear DA friend who introduced me to Reinetta, who now has also become a dear friend!