Jun 08

Golden Rush

Gold cannot be contaminated therefor it is pure. However, according to legend, in its powdered state it is said to possess powers of healing and spiritual nirvana.
It must be for this reason Moses gave the Israelites the golden calf in powdered form to drink.

These thoughts were rushing through my mind when visiting a fun filled event set in motion by Dehlia from WRCBT.

We were met with pictures of sheer delight as people rushed over this sandy ‘dune’ in colours of soft cream and gold. With its treasures of gold dust trapped in between the fine sand, this adrenaline rush took on a different meaning. Nestled on the periphery of Krugersdorp, this half removed mine dump is a monument to the foundations of this small town.
Daredevils with Jeeps, boogey boards, motorbikes reveled in its steadfast motion and many families with cameras crowded the enclosed space to record the action.
The eye candy boys dismounted the ‘dune’ in escapades of tumbles and cartwheels. They were absolutely fabulous and accommodating.

La Reynette Centre was there to fill the tummies with boerie rolls which were expertly braai’d by Allen Ridley from The Braai Code.

There is only one thing I have left to say: Lets do it again Dehlia!

Tienke Bosher