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Thanks giving Celebration 2013


12 December 2013


This years Thanksgiving celebration was a very special day. Confronting the difficulties of hosting this family time celebration outdoors was well worth the gamble. Our patients had comfy seats, making sure they were happy spending time with their family whilst enjoying the Christmas program.


Knittex donated shading which was installed at a great pace by our faithful maintenance hand, Pascoal Maheme. We were thankful for the shade for it

was a hot day with scattered clouds bunching up from time to time, promising rain…

Our facilities families helped us with sponsors and gifts for the patients and the staff. La Reynette staff also pulled together and made delicious finger snacks.

We would like to thank the following people for their kind contributions: Dieter Gross, Marise Hucheson, Zelda van Zyl, Deidre and John King, Poppie & Gert Pottas, Margaret, Pastor Peter and Daphne, Sister Marthie Coomans, Annette Brand, Graham Ridley, VEK  Kerk Rant & Dal, Sandwich Baron (Brian and Trevor Ridley), Sune, Ciska and Amber Welkin.


Then there was the golden voice of Luchelle van Niekerk. Her team arrived early and did the sound set-up quickly and effectively. This couples ministry was seamless and caused many teary eyes.


Reinetta thanked our three VIP guests who made invaluable contributions to La Reynette Centre throughout the year:

Motlalentoa Motsoane, general manager of Netcare Hospital in Krugersdorp and Matron Hester Steyn was dearly thanked for medical product donations, surprise visits and environmental waste offset channels.

Amanda de Lange from the Vryheidsfront plus has been elected to Councilor for the Vryheidsfront seat during 2013 in Mogale. Amanda have campaigned the plight of La Reynette Centre’s licensing with optimistic expectation. Amanda confirmed her dedication to home La Reynette Centre in the New Year.


President Hyper placed the cherry on the cake with their contribution arriving later on that day. Shopping bags full of goodies were handed to staff and patients alike. From toiletries to headgear, water bottles and cellphone covers and much, much more. A real treat – thank you.


Thank you all

Tienke Bosher