Sep 26

Worthy recipient of WRCBT Business Achiever Awards 2016

La Reynette Centre’s owner, Reinetta Ridley, not only weathers adverse business opposition but in spite treats her staff, patients and all who cross her path with kindness. She does not stop at being good to others but also walks the extra mile by financially contributing in their future by supporting them in starting their own business or invest in intellectual gains courses. Reinetta Ridley is a very quiet, unassuming individual who understands Gods commandment to care for others to the highest levels of love and patience.


It is not important for her to win, but to participate. It is not important for her to be rich but to use riches to ensure a safe community. Reinetta does not clothe herself with the latest fashion items but dress in modesty according to the standards of what is appropriate for a child of The Most High. It is not important for her to break down that which is undesirable but to build those up who have been damaged by life. It is not important for her to have the last say but to guide those in need with words of everlasting value. It is not important for her to be the main boss in control but will sacrifice her own time and space to accommodate her staff when they are in need.


The bottom line is that Reinetta Ridley is already everything we need. Mother, sister, wife, entrepreneur, confidant, dependable, trust worthy. Krugersdorp may not have seen her headlined all over town but you will always find that she is the one standing behind those who are.


As representative of the La Reynette Centre staff I would like to congratulate Reinetta Ridley for having been acknowledged by the WRCBT to be clothed with the Chris Kruger Community Award 2016 for the Appreciation of the Special Care for the Frail & Aged of our Community. At last they see what we have been seeing all along.

Also, a big Happy Birthday to you today! Manny wonderful cheers.