Feb 24

Hirsch’s gives Coffee & Muffins to the elderly


1 New Century ave

Struben’s Valley


Dear Vani, Don & AK


Re: Hirsch’s gives Coffee & Muffins to the elderly


Vani and her team demonstrated their branded Coffee Machine Hirsch’s to a captive audience at La Reynette Centre today. Annette Brand, our angel resident nurse is a coffee slave and enjoyed two cups, the one stronger than the other.

All the staff watched carefully when Vani demonstrated the different settings the machine has.

The coffee aroma clad the living room with its distinctive rich body flavor. All had a cuppa, even the tea lovers were tempted to its luring spell.


Altogether it was a pleasant morning of information, laughs and refreshments.


Thank you so much Hirsch, we appreciate your time and effort.



La Reynette Centre staff & residents